In December 2016, a young Waterford man was watching the news when Ireland was caught in a tumbleweed of Christmas commotion. He observed the high amounts of homelessness across Ireland and unlike a vast majority of people, decided to do something about it. One simple Facebook Post asking musicians to busk for the homeless would change everything. With a core of enthusiastic, driven people from the Arts Community in Waterford City, BuskAid was born. The aim; to organise a city-wide Busk for the Homeless...all in three weeks!


With several bands and solo artists signing on and countless volunteers messaging the Facebook page, the event took off and raised over €3,700 in one day. The phenomenal success of the day was felt across the county with a sense of togetherness felt in every shop doorway and street corner, united the homeless and people fortunate enough to escape the situation. The 2017 event echoed that success and raised €5,500, the 2018 busk went on to raise a further €5,500 and the 2019 busk raised €7,000. BuskAid continues to achieve with the support of the people of Waterford and a little bit of Christmas magic. 


Having had to bring BuskAid 2020 online due to the public health situation, we are now going into our sixth year of BuskAid. Amazingly, we raised €7,000 through online events in 2020 and this year we are pushing to merge all the positives we've taken from BuskAid in the past five years to create the best fundraiser we can! Keep an eye on our social media sites for everything we have planned for 2021!